Legacy of the Wizard (AKA Dragon Slayer in japan) is a fantasy platformer game developed by Falcom, And published by BroderBund Software Inc. The stars are the Drasle Family who are on the mission to get the crown jewel to defeat the evil dragon.

Characters Edit

  • Poochi - A Dragon who disguised himself as The Drasle Family's Pet Cat. His weapon is Bubbles (just like Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble), And does cannot be harm by Enemies.
  • Lyll - The Daugher of the Xemm and Mayna.
  • Mayna - The Mother of the Roas and Lyll. She is the only character who can use Magical Wings.
  • Xemm - The Father of Roas and Lyll. He is the only character who can use Magical Gloves.
  • Roas - The Son of the Xemm and Mayna. The only guy who can go to the Dragon's Slayer.
  • Jiela - The Grandmother of Roas and Lyll. She only gives you the password for the next time you play.
  • Douel - The Grandfather of Roas and Lyll. Use him to enter the password to continue the game where you left off.

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